Dear valued clients, partners, Financial Institutions, and stakeholders,

We would like to bring to your immediate attention an important matter concerning an individual named Mr. Alexander Mattsson, who is falsely claiming to represent Hedge Module Maritimetech UG and engaging in unauthorized activities. We issue this disclaimer to unequivocally state that Mr. Alexander Mattsson is no longer affiliated with our organization, and his actions are unauthorized, misleading, and potentially harmful. 

Lack of Association: Mr. Alexander Mattsson has no role with HedgeModule Maritimetech UG MANAGEMENT as of the 26th- May-2023. He is no longer and employee, contractor, representative, or authorized agent of our company. Therefore, any claims made by him regarding his representation of our organization are false and should be disregarded. 

Unauthorized Solicitation: We want to emphasize that Mr. Alexander Mattsson does not have the authority to solicit or engage in any business transactions on behalf of Hedge Module Maritimetech UG. We strongly advise against entering into any agreements, contracts, or financial dealings with him, as they are not recognized or supported by our company. 

Official Communication Channels: Hedge Module Maritimetech UG maintains specific official communication channels for all interactions with our clients, partners, and stakeholders. We urge you to utilize these recognized channels, which include our official website, verified social media accounts, registered email addresses, and designated contact persons. Mr. Alexander Mattsson's communication attempts should be treated as unofficial and disregarded. 

Legal Consequences: We take this matter very seriously, and we are actively pursuing legal actions against Mr. Alexander Mattsson for his unauthorized and misleading activities. We are committed to protecting the reputation and interests of our company, as well as maintaining the trust and confidence you have placed in us. 

Trust and Transparency: Hedge Module Maritimetech UG places the highest value on trust, integrity, and transparency in all our business dealings. We assure you that Mr. Alexander Mattsson's actions are indirect contradiction to our company's principles and standards. We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional services and fostering strong relationships based on honesty and professionalism. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused by Mr. Alexander Mattsson's unauthorized actions. We kindly request your cooperation in promptly reporting any interactions or communication attempts made by him, as it will greatly assist our ongoing legal efforts. 

If you have any concerns or require further clarification, please reach out to our official channels of communication, and our team will be ready to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in Hedge ModuleMaritimetech UG.



Who we are

Hedge Module Maritimetech is managed by a team of experienced professionals that are highly motivated towards finding solutions that support the maintenance requirements for maritime and non maritime operators.

Our company cooperates and coordinates with maritime industrial spare parts producers across Europe. Our relationship with these producers is based on decades long relationships cultivated jointly by our management team. We offer clients a tailor made solution that supports every operators desire for Zero operating downtime. We bring to the table the ability to Hand-carry and deliver ready to go spare parts via our in-house couriers within 24 hours Door to Door.

From our new logistics operations based in Dusseldorf, Germany we now have the ability to pickup, store and indeed deliver spare parts by Road, Air and Sea to our clients even if our client purchased those spare parts from a third party.



"To provide high quality spare parts and maintenance to Ship, Dredging, Powerplants, Ferry Operators in the EMEA region and beyond. The objective is supporting Zero operational down time!"

Emergency Generators & Power Stations.


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