Who we are

Hedge Module Maritimetech is managed by a team of experienced professionals that are highly motivated towards finding solutions that support the maintenance requirements for maritime and non maritime operators.

Our company cooperates and coordinates with maritime industrial spare parts producers across Europe. Our relationship with these producers is based on decades long relationships cultivated jointly by our management team. We offer clients a tailor made solution that supports every operators desire for Zero operating downtime. We bring to the table the ability to Hand-carry and deliver ready to go spare parts via our in-house couriers within 24 hours Door to Door.

From our new logistics operations based in Dusseldorf, Germany we now have the ability to pickup, store and indeed deliver spare parts by Road, Air and Sea to our clients even if our client purchased those spare parts from a third party.

Our Mission is; To provide safe and secure, innovative solutions. Customer-centric and sustainable maritime solutions to our clients everywhere.


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